Thursday, 14 May 2009

singing in St Jean de Luz

Mon dieu! The choir I have joined in St Jean de Luz is a little more expert than I had bargained for. Besides the tri-linguistical challenge of understanding French instruction for Basque songs whilst trying to read music I have found myself singing with a group of chaps who are far more proficient at holding a complex tune than I. Fortunately my fellow Tenor 2's are exceedingly nice and play down my constant apologies and thanks for their patience. It ain't easy.

Just as I was settling into an understanding of the first song this evening one of the chaps disclosed that they tended to sing at fairly heavy hitting venues, including internationally, including Scotland, including singing at Celtic Park. Hmm, there could be quite a challenge ahead of me, I just hope that I can do my country proud. When the singing begins I do feel Basque, even if only for a moment. The music and songs are wonderfully mystical, even if I don't really know what they are about. There is a true sense of history and pride in every note. To be accepted by this throng is one of my highlights to date.

I will have to brush up on my sporting knowledge as they tend to know exactly who plays in which rugby and football team together with resulting scores, including those in the lesser divisions in Scotland.

Basque of the day:- acceptance :: onartze